If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain in your search for the right university or professional program, a relevant summer or coop placement, or a permanent job, one-on-one coaching can be of tremendous value. Caroline knows the right questions to ask, and has the tools and experience to help you move forward with confidence.

If your students assume that careers follow directly from subject bins, Caroline can provide a reality check. She is a dynamic speaker who has inspired many students to take a strategic approach to their education and to enhance their career options by acquiring valuable transferable skills and relevant work experience before they graduate.
Caroline contributes a perspective that is based on years of experience in education and career development and an extensive network of contacts in research, industry and government. She shares insights on academic and career development strategies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with the goal of empowering her readers.



Caroline takes a targeted approach to coaching since she strongly believes in the capability and resourcefulness of her clients. She is skilled in the art of listening, and by asking the right questions, she helps her clients identify times they have felt powerful and fully engaged. What she contributes is a unique perspective based on her training as an engineer and educator, her experience in research, government, industry, education and career development and her extensive network in all of these areas. Caroline has a thorough understanding of academics from the inside, is an expert on transition issues and stays up-to-date on the latest career development tools and strategies. After two or three coaching sessions, Caroline’s clients can expect to have taken critical and significant steps towards their career goals. See Testimonials