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To Stand Out to Employers, Learn to Write Well

Writing ability is valued by employers throughout the economy for good reason. Bad writing wastes people’s time and saps their mental energy, reducing productivity; it can  lead to misunderstandings and even costly mistakes. From a reader’s perspective, writing that is clear and coherent is easy … Read more

University Students

Include Relevant Work Experience in Any STEM Education Plan

Newly minted grads are often dismayed to find that even jobs posted as “entry level” can require two or more years of experience. What happened to on-the-job-training? It still exists, but employers seem much more willing to invest in students before, as opposed to after, … Read more

High School Students

To Acquire Valuable Transferable Skills in High School, Avoid the Bin Mentality

As a student, it may seem logical to assume that careers follow in a linear fashion from high school subject bins. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can lead to an emphasis on specialist knowledge at the expense of transferable skills – for example, “I don’t … Read more