For Graduates


It turns out that most of the world doesn’t care about the mark you got in calculus or even quantum mechanics. Suddenly, it’s all about who you know, and the professors that you impressed so much may not be able to help you transition to the world of work beyond academia. How will you gain experience if all the jobs that are advertised already require experience? Here’s how Caroline can help.



  •    Understanding Your Options in the Short Term

If you have just completed an undergraduate or graduate degree and were so focused on your studies that you missed all of the campus recruitment opportunities, or if you applied for jobs and did not receive any offers, you may be feeling discouraged and overwhelmed at the prospect of conducting a job search on your own. Caroline can help you take stock of where you are in terms of qualifications and experience and suggest avenues for networking or further training to explore in the short term.


  •    Gaining Skills and Experience

If you feel like you are starting from zero, do not despair. Caroline can help you to identify the skills and experience you already have that will be of interest to employers. She can also provide assistance with tailored résumé and cover letter critiques. Each job that you apply for should satisfy two important criteria – it should require a skill you already have and it should offer you the opportunity to acquire a skill you would like to have. There is no point in standing still unless you have already landed your dream job. Caroline will help you move forward.


  •    Transitioning to a Rewarding Career

The days of landing a job as soon as you graduated, starting at the bottom and working your way steadily up the ladder until retirement are pretty much over. That’s the bad news

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. The good news is that thanks to the worldwide web, you have the opportunity to take a much more entrepreneurial approach to your career than your parents did. Your job search can span the globe. You can acquire skills to enhance your qualifications online. You can effectively network with people you may never meet except via Skype. Caroline can help you understand how to use the tools at your disposal to get to the next level.