For High School Students


With a steady increase in the number of university applicants each year, admission cut-off averages continue to creep ever higher across the board. Getting into university is a concern for many students and their parents. Other students are confident they will have the marks, but are overwhelmed by the number of different program options. Finally, the enormous cost of a university education has many parents and students worried about the value of the investment and whether it will translate into a rewarding career down the road or just a mountain of debt. Getting it right the first time is important. Here’s how Caroline can help.



  •    Building a Solid Foundation

High school represents a wonderful, cost-free opportunity to build a solid foundation for university and to develop the discipline, time management skills and habit of perseverance that have been correlated with both academic and career success. Caroline is an expert on transition issues. She can help you select the grade 11 and grade 12 courses that will set you up for success in university and increase your options going forward.


  •    Differentiating Yourself

The most valuable transferable skills take lots of practice to master, but much of this practice can happen outside of school or university. Caroline can show you how to make the most of the summers before and after grade 12 to pick up additional skills and experience that will help you academically as well as increase your chances for a research internship or other relevant summer job after first year.


  •    Admission to University

The amount of choice amongst universities and programs can be overwhelming. Caroline can help you develop a list of important questions to ask both professors and current students at university open houses to gain the information you need to make an informed choice. She can also help you navigate the application process, including offering advice on supplemental or scholarship applications, personal statements, essays and reference letters.


  •    Starting Strong

The first year of university is a foundational year and the gateway to honours programs in second year. Caroline can help you understand the difference between a survey course and a pre-requisite, the implications of taking this first year math course over that one, or this physics course with lab over that one without a lab. Too many students end up requiring an extra year to complete their degree because they did not properly understand the system in first year. Caroline can help you choose first year courses that make sense in the context of your longer-term goals.