For University Students

The percentage of people in Canada’s workforce with post-secondary education continues to climb with many new graduates, even those with advanced degrees, struggling to find full-time work in their fields. How will you stand out from the crowd? Caroline can help you enhance your degree and increase your opportunities post graduation. Here’s how.

In First Year


The first year of university can be overwhelming with its range of new experiences and responsibilities. Caroline is an expert on transition issues and strategies for student success and can help you identify resources to build your confidence and keep you on track

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. If you find that a program you thought you would love is not a good fit after all, Caroline can help you craft a plan which allows you to change gears while making the most of the credits, skills and knowledge you have already accumulated. When the time comes to choose an honours program, Caroline can help you understand the implications and trade-offs associated with each of your options. Finally, Caroline understands the skills and qualities that researchers and employers are looking for and can help you increase your chances of getting hired for a summer job in research or industry after first year.


In Second and Third Year


A degree may be a necessary condition for the next stage in your career, but it is seldom the only one. Making strategic elective choices, gaining teaching, research, or industry experience, attending conferences, or volunteering can all be factors that differentiate you in ways that become important when you start competing for graduate or professional school admission or a permanent job. Caroline can guide the development of a personalized plan that will get you where you want to go. She has a wealth of experience helping students find coop placements and research internships in Canada, the US and abroad and connecting them to mentors who can make a positive difference to their academic success and career growth.


In Fourth Year


While your studies continue to be important, the year before you graduate is also a critical time to focus on what you will do post graduation. Caroline can help you explore options based on your interests and academic record. She has extensive experience and resources related to graduate and professional school applications and is also up-to-date on the latest work search tools and techniques for a permanent job.


In Graduate School


Even if you believe that you are destined for a career in academia, if you are pursuing a graduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, it is essential that you look for opportunities to make contact with industry, and to build your network beyond the research community, before you graduate. Caroline can help you find industrial internships and connect you to people throughout the economy who will help clarify where your technical skills are in demand. She can identify opportunities to refine your communication skills and to develop the soft skills that most employers require.