Testimonials From Graduates


    “I was fortunate enough to have had Caroline Burgess as an advisor throughout my undergraduate degree.  She did a fantastic job helping me and my classmates find excellent summer internships in our fields.   Caroline had so many great ideas about placements that I would not have otherwise considered.   She also cares very deeply about the success of the students she helps (she’s still in touch with me and many of my classmates years after we graduated).   Not only was she always available to discuss any issues and give career advice, Caroline would often seek me out with ideas for volunteer projects and academic internship opportunities.  She is also very passionate about promoting science within the community and improving the way science is taught at post-secondary institutions.  Even though I have switched from physics to medical school, I have still kept in touch with Caroline and she has had a tremendous influence in shaping my career.”

    – Emma M., Medical Resident, Family Medicine



    “Caroline gave me so many great connections and opportunities that helped me develop personally and professionally, and helped me discover new and exciting careers I never thought existed. Now I have a successful career that I truly love!”

    – Ryan M., Educator/Entrepreneur



    “After graduating from Sydney University in Australia in 2011 with a Bachelor of Engineering I travelled to Canada so my fiancé and I could be closer to her family. Finding the correct fit for my skills was a lot harder challenge than I expected. After six months and dozens of job interviews, a friend suggested I contact Caroline. Her approachable, grounded and positive attitude immediately snapped me out of the depressing thought pattern I was in and by realistically explaining my options, put me back in the mind set I needed to be in to get the position I was after. Caroline then reviewed my résumé and suggested improvements. Her input was invaluable and her advice and contacts directly resulted in my current position with one of Ottawa’s leading urban developers.”

    – Tim W. , Civil Engineer



    “I am the current Outreach Coordinator for the department of Physics & Astronomy at McMaster University, where I also completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics. In my first year of undergraduate studies, I was very unsure of my academic path. Caroline helped me realize the potential that a degree in physics could hold. She also helped me secure a summer research position with a professor who became my Master’s supervisor three years later. Her knowledge of the skills required for success in different areas of academia is quite impressive. She advised me to take a computer programming course despite my insistence that, “I don’t need it and I’m really bad at it!”. I could not have completed my master’s degree without the basic programming skills I learned in that course. Caroline’s passion and positivity is evident to everyone she interacts with. I know I am not alone when I say that I would not be where I am today without her help, guidance and encouragement.”

    – Sara C., Outreach Coordinator



    “I met Caroline as an undergraduate student, and was lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her and volunteer alongside her. At any given time, you could always rely on Caroline for sound advice, a little inspiration, or even math riddles! She would always make time for whatever was important, whether it was a one-on-one meeting, meetings with clubs and societies on campus, or even campus events outside of regular working hours. When it came to organizing grand events, nobody did it like Caroline! Every detail was taken care of, and everyone – professors, students, organizers, and volunteers alike – always benefited! What stood out to me the most about Caroline, was how much she genuinely cared about every student and the Math & Stats Community as a whole. I was extremely involved with the Annual Teachers Symposium, where Caroline aimed to bridge the gaps between students, high school teachers, and university professors in Math Education through frank open discussions, presentations and debates. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Caroline, and I am confident that she will continue to motivate, initiate, and inspire.”

    – Srinithi R. Analyst