Testimonials From Parents


“In helping our son choose a university and program, Caroline provided the clearest and most useful advice that we found. Her knowledge of the many different (and often confusing) options, of the implications of these choices for future careers together with her genuine interest in helping our son find the right program was fantastic!”

– Parent H. C.



“As a parent it has been my absolute pleasure to have had help from Caroline regarding the placement of our son in both a university and into a program of studies. With her background in Engineering and Mathematics, knowledge of the various programs, and feedback from many students as they have progressed through their degrees, she had great suggestions as to what to look for in the programs and how to prepare for them in terms of pre and co-requisites. Moreover, the ongoing concern Caroline has for the well-being and growth of the students she works with made her a pleasant and well informed go-to person for advice throughout our son’s undergrad degree, including recommendations about how to line up summer and co-op placements.”

– Parent D. S.



“Having immigrated to Canada from Pakistan as adults, my wife and I had no personal experience with the Canadian university system, and when the time came for our eldest daughter to apply to university, the whole process made all of us very nervous. Even though her grade 12 marks were excellent, the admission cut-offs for Science also seemed very high and we worried she might not get in. Caroline took the time to explain how the system worked, including the differences between the various Level I programs in Science, the difference between an entry level program and an honours program, the difference between required and elective courses, and which combination of courses would best prepare our daughter for the honours program of her choice. It was a relief to have a resource to help us with this very important decision. Our daughter received her acceptance and is looking forward to starting university in September!”

– Parent S. R.



“As the parents of a student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, we had some concerns about our son’s transition from Secondary School to University.  Because of Caroline’s knowledge of the University and its programmes; and because of her enthusiasm for the Mathematics and Science students, our son became more confident and empowered to navigate the University’s  programmes.  Caroline’s contribution was a definite factor in our son’s success in his first year studies-including summer employment in the Faculty of Science.”

– Parents B. G. and E. G.



“As a Canadian mother raising 2 sons in the Netherlands, I was pleased when our Hugo decided he wanted to study Physics in Canada. We visited a shortlist of universities in Quebec and Ontario, and nowhere was our welcome so warm and informative as at McMaster where Caroline Burgess undertook to show us around their Physics department facilities

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. She was able to cut through the bureaucracy and provided us with a personalised visit and relevant interviews with professors and students alike, providing a good sense of what the programme entailed, opportunities available and choices which had to be or could be made. What was clear was how she provided support for ‘her’ students, helping them make choices for further studies and supporting them as they tried to access scholarships or research and internship positions. The McMasters students gained advantage through her customised guidance and caring approach. They clearly loved her and were proud to discuss their accomplishments. I am delighted that Caroline has struck off on her own because my son, who ultimately chose to study at McGill, will now be able to also benefit from her excellent advice and strategic insight in future choices. I hope he does!”

– Parent L. N.