Testimonials From Students


“When I had first applied to university, I was battling continually with the question of whether I should enter the Physics or Engineering bachelor programs. Both appealed to my interests, but I couldn’t decide which I preferred. Nor could my high school guidance counselors give me any advice since they had no experience with either. I eventually decided to take first year engineering, and kept the question in the back of my mind until my first summer break. I was once again wondering which program would better suit my interests when I met Caroline. Thanks to her knowledge and positive attitude, she helped me understand all the differences between the programs, and was able to ask the questions that would really help me to decide on my program. In the end, Caroline’s advice allowed me to make the decision to switch my major to physics without having to redo first year, and I am now in the second year Honours Physics program. Thanks Caroline!”

– Adrian S., Undergraduate Student



“Thank you for your guidance in my second and third year of university. Before I met you, I was an unmotivated individual who had a limited understanding of what I would do after my undergraduate studies. However, you not only encouraged me to seek a challenging and stimulating career in research, but showed me the path to reach that career.”

– Darren F. Undergraduate Student



“Caroline has played a predominant role in shaping my university career. Right from the start, her advice and her assistance allowed me to get relevant research experience right after first year. The advice that she has given me throughout my entire university career and the skills that I have gained as a result are already flourishing into both career and graduate-study opportunities, and I am almost positive that whatever career I end up in will be directly attributable to Caroline. I have known no other person who has such drive and passion to help students, and with an incredible arsenal of knowledge about the challenges and proven solutions to problems faced by students, teachers and universities. It is because of this drive that I have not had a single problem that Caroline has not been able to soundly resolve in a way that seems to consistently exceed even my wildest expectations.”

– Mike S. Undergraduate Student



“Throughout my years at McMaster, I thought of Caroline as a caring personal guidance counselor. I knew I could always come to her with any questions regarding programs, courses, jobs, and applications and I was never disappointed with her help. After talking with Caroline I always felt empowered and inspired as a result of her positive attitude. When it came time to apply to graduate school I felt lost and overwhelmed, but Caroline gave great advice and direction to ease me through the process. By continually gathering advice and experiences from other students, she can share the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. When I needed more specific guidance, she was so helpful in putting me into contact with the right people such as professors or other students. She is persistently working to acquire more knowledge as she genuinely wants to help students find their path for success. I am now enrolled at the world renowned Perimeter Institute to complete a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics, and I can’t thank Caroline enough for helping me get here!”

– Alexandra T., Masters Student



“Caroline is one of the most approachable and positive people I have come to meet. It is because of her advice that I landed an incredible research position at my home university. She always encouraged me to pursue further opportunities, which led to further research positions at other universities. Overall through her career guidance and advice during tough times I was able to apply for and attend medical school. I will always be appreciative for all she has done for me.”

– Babak K., Medical Student



“Caroline is refreshingly in-tune with the challenges and tough decisions faced by students and is well-connected to the academic world. Her wisdom and unwavering encouragement, friendliness and approachability empowered me to land a dream job at NASA, national scholarships, and admission to a prestigious graduate program in Hawaii.  Sometimes I could have sworn she replied to my emails before I even hit the Send button.”

– Evan S. PhD Student



“Caroline helped me become aware of opportunities that I would never have believed were within my reach and she was always the first person I went to when I received exciting news about a research opportunity or scholarship. Through Caroline, I knew I could always find someone to share in my level of enthusiasm.Her upbeat and charismatic personality has undoubtedly contributed to her ability to make and keep a beneficial roster of contacts, which she is always using as a resource for students to better attain their goals.

Caroline has personally had many experiences in the field, which has clearly been an asset in her guidance to set attainable academic goals for students. When I was adamant about finding a research position in Europe for my co-op work term, Caroline spent countless hours with me looking through relevant research agencies, improving my CV, and guiding me in writing emails to professors. I ended up with a well paid research position at a well known research institute in Paris.”

– Melissa F., PhD Student



“Caroline was a tremendous source of encouragement and advice throughout my time in physics at McMaster. I combined in physics within the Arts & Science program, which sometimes led to interesting course conflicts and the occasional identity crisis. I am extremely grateful for Caroline’s help in navigating the world of science at McMaster and beyond and for making me feel welcome in physics from the beginning

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. From questions about course choices to inquiries about opportunities for summer research, she either had the information that I sought or else knew who to contact to find it—and I always felt comfortable coming and talking with her about my questions and ideas. I remember coming to her in early second year to see if there might be opportunities for me to do summer research in the Physics & Astronomy department. She encouraged me to apply for the NSERC USRA program. Despite my personal doubts, I did apply, and I ended up being offered a USRA. I believe that it was this first summer of research that convinced me that real physics research was actually pretty neat, and that maybe I would want to continue doing it after undergrad.

In addition to Caroline’s guidance in academics, I really appreciated how she connected me and other students with opportunities to volunteer in science outreach activities. Sometimes I think that getting through undergrad depends as much on finding ways to convince oneself to persevere as it does on actually learning the material in one’s courses. Leading tours and presenting at outreach events helped me to develop skills in communicating science, but also helped me to keep having fun with physics. The events were great opportunities to meet professors and other students in a setting that wasn’t a classroom or a lab, and made me feel like I was part of a physics community rather than just someone taking classes.

When it came time to apply for fellowships and admission to graduate school, Caroline’s collections of tips and advice gleaned from previous generations of undergrads were indispensable; I kept copies by my computer throughout the entire application cycle. Moreover, she was someone with whom I could chat who understood the workings of academia from years of experience. She offered a point of view that was different from but complementary to, for example, that of a professor directly involved in research, and I valued the chance to discuss my worries and plans with her. I ended up receiving offers of admission from schools in Canada, the UK, and the US, and I am now working towards a PhD in Applied Physics down at Stanford. Caroline’s guidance, encouragement, and the sense of community that she helped foster were instrumental in convincing me to stick with physics and in my path to post-graduate studies. Thank you, Caroline!”

– Hilary N. PhD Student