Testimonials From Teachers and Professors


“Caroline is a champion of students, strongly believing in their rights to make informed, independent and responsible decisions regarding their academic future. Through several years of service as an outreach coordinator to high schools and advisor to undergraduates, she has earned the respect and gratitude of students and colleagues alike. Her advice is compassionate but uncompromising, based on thoroughly researched facts and therefore invaluable, drawing from an extended network of contacts and a profound understanding of curricula at the high-school and university levels.

Caroline takes pride in getting to know each student individually, understanding their ambitions and academic trajectory and goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they receive the best possible advice, make the right connections and explore every opportunity to attain their goals. She is refreshing in her honesty, relentless in her advocacy for students and an ally that an undergraduate student would be lucky to have.”

– Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology



 “Caroline Burgess is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic resource for anyone considering university undergraduate education in the maths or sciences.  Her knowledge of the high school curriculum, transition issues into first year university, student life during an undergraduate education, and career strategies upon graduation is tremendously valuable.  I have consulted with her not only to guide departmental activities and initiatives, but also had her consult my own son as he is making program decisions for his entry into university.”

– Professor of Mathematics and Financial Mathematics



 ”Caroline Burgess has spent eight years creating and running highly successful programs that encourage high school science students, and their teachers, to connect with university science departments and the people in them.  She understands the very different realities of the high school and university environments, and is expert at bridging between them.   For those looking to navigate between the two, she would be an excellent guide. She cares about, and she cares for. She cares passionately about education and making the most of opportunities, and she cares for students and putting them first.”

– Professor of Physics



“As a professor in physics I have had the opportunity to work with Caroline over the past years and see firsthand the positive influence she has had on students. Not just those that are perceived to be the top students, but all students. Caroline has been that crucial bridge between the academic skills the student needs and the more elusive traits that connect those skills to the ‘real world’ and a career. I have seen her coach students at all levels on how they can best optimise their chances of getting into that special program, degree, professional school, or proper track towards their career goals. Having studied and worked first hand in the STEM fields, her knowledge of the importance of networking, the value of promoting your abilities, and how the system works is deep. Caroline understands that education is not solely about learning, but also about building careers. As I think back to when I struggled and floundered in my early years, I wish I would have had the opportunity to talk to someone like Caroline.”

– Professor of Physics


“I wish I had had someone like Caroline Burgess to talk to when I did my physics degree back in the nineties. She has a thorough understanding of the job market and what employers in the STEM fields are looking for in their future employees. Her advice to students and parents is solid and based on facts. She is an excellent speaker who is able to draw every student in and keep them riveted for her talk. Our students came in before school to hear her speak with their parents and we received very positive feedback from everyone. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your school.”

– High School Math Teacher, Department Head


“Caroline Burgess is extremely knowledgeable about the transition from high school to university – particularly in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I went to her talk “Why Take Physics” at this year’s conference of the Ontario Association of High School Physics Teachers and came away armed with the tools I needed to help my students make the best decisions.”

– High School Physics Teacher


“Caroline Burgess has been a trailblazer in identifying students’ issues transitioning from high school to university and seeking remedies for these issues

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. She has developed systems for collecting and analysing specific and valuable data about student success in Math and Physics at McMaster, with a particular focus on first year students. She has also worked to identify the paths chosen by students as they move into their second, third, and final years and their reasons for their choices. As part of her outreach work, she has brought together secondary teachers and university professors to share concerns about gaps in curricula, expectation differences, teaching methods, and use of technology. During these meetings, representatives from both panels were provided with the opportunity to learn more about what students are facing on the other side of their education window, allowing for a better understanding of how to best prepare students for their transition. Her genuine interest in student success has always been evident and has been a guiding principle behind her many initiatives at McMaster University.”

– High School Mathematics Teacher, Curriculum Head


“Over the past 8 years Caroline Burgess has been an invaluable resource for our senior science students and teachers. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and students always come away with a better understanding of university life, programs and career pathways.”

– High School Chemistry Teacher


“We just recently discovered Caroline Burgess and asked her to design a seminar for our students and parents that would help them think more strategically on academic and career choices. She is certainly an expert in her area and knows how to connect with her audience. She has run several sessions for us that have received very positive feedback from both students and parents.”

– High School Physics Teacher, Department Head